Benefits of being a Kiddie Up Nanny

Being a nanny is tough! The CEO of the company might be 2 years-old and the head of HR is in diapers. A nanny job is not a traditional type of employment. Luckily there are nanny agencies like Kiddie Up Nannies, to help navigate throughout the process!  What are the benefits of being a Kiddie […]

What is a nanny share?

What is a nanny share? Two families sharing the cost and the time of one nanny. The nanny usually stays at one family’s home but can alternate between both families’ home. Multiple families utilizing the same nanny at different times. For example family A has the nanny Monday, Wednesday and Friday and family B has […]

Nanny cams

Questions regarding nanny cams come up often! Not only do the questions come from our families, but nannies too. It can be a delicate subject but it doesn’t have to be. What’s most important for parents and nannies to understand is the reason behind why a nanny cam or surveillance camera, is installed in the […]

We are Kiddie Up Nannies

Finding a nanny is hard work! Luckily you have Kiddie Up Nannies working for you! It is our mission to support, educate and assist throughout the process. Through our expertise, network and active role in the industry & the community, we provide each family with the tools and support they need to make their experience […]