Benefits of being a Kiddie Up Nanny

Being a nanny is tough! The CEO of the company might be 2 years-old and the head of HR is in diapers. A nanny job is not a traditional type of employment. Luckily there are nanny agencies like Kiddie Up Nannies, to help navigate throughout the process! 

What are the benefits of being a Kiddie Up nanny? 

We bridging the gap.   Our job is to ensure responsibilities, requirements, and expectations are clear. 

Quality jobs.   Did you know we screen not only our nannies but our families too?! Educating families is a big part of our job as well. Kiddie Up’s clients are well informed about market standards, what nannies want, and how to treat a nanny. 

Making the right fit.   Kiddie Up cares about our nannies. One of the 1st questions we ask is what are you looking for in a family? We get a range of different answers therefore it’s important for us to listen and understand how to make the best fit.

Now that we talked about some of the benefits, let’s talk about misconceptions. We do not charge our nannies any fees nor do we take a commission. Our fees come directly from our clients.

It is our honor to represent wonderful nannies and it is our nannies that make our agency as successful as it is!