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Childcare After the Crisis

| POSTED ON August 16, 2022

What families & nannies need to know.

Childcare is stressful enough, now the COVID-19 pandemic has made navigating childcare more difficult than ever. One of the biggest mistakes was the lack of information and preparation, consequently no one was prepared. Below are ways to get through this safely and with your sanity intact.

Continuous communication.   
To avoid fog or friction, communication is imperative. Here are some things that should be talked about frequently:

  • Who you are exposed to? Be honest about where you go and who you see!
  • What does your nanny need to be safe and feel comfortable?
  • Nannies, ask your employer, “what can I do, or what precautions can I take to make sure you are comfortable with me working in your home?”
  • Pre-screening, potential symptoms, testing.
  • Revision or additions to the COVID-19 Healthcare Protocol, Nanny Service Agreement, or contract.
  • New guidelines, orders, or recommendations from officials.

Plan for safety.   
Develop a cooperative and proactive safety plan.

  • Provide protective supplies: disinfectant wipes and spray, hand sanitizer, gloves, etc.
  • Checklist of what needs to be cleaned/disinfected.
  • Check temperatures regularly.
  • Commit to recommendations made by the CDC.
  • Make a list of free testing sites, emergency resources, and healthcare information.

Plan for the what-ifs.    
Ask yourself these questions then come up with a plan of action. 

  • What if schools reopen? What if they don’t?
  • What if daycare closes?
  • What if you test positive for COVID-19?
  • What if there’s another outbreak?
  • What if a parent’s or nanny’s employment situation changes?
  • What if you have differing opinions?

Let’s agree.  
 Make amendments to the family-nanny contract or create one.  

  • Modify compensation to account for extra or reduced responsibilities.
  • Develop and agree to what precautions are needed in and out of the home.
  • Offer reimbursement for healthcare, vaccinations, paid time off, leave for testing.
  • Identify what is applicable paid time off and what isn’t.
  • Define what employment, furlough, and unemployment means.
  • Create a realistic & fair way to end amicably.

Be a decent human being.   
Above all, be considerate. Compassion, empathy, understanding, support, and adaptability is essential. Read more about this vision from Dr. Joe Sanders, CEO of Colorado Uplift #wereallinthistogether

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Childcare After the Crisis


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