Consulting for Families & Nannies

Parents, what are your childcare options? Thinking about hiring a nanny, babysitter, or joining a nanny share? If so, schedule your hour-long consulting session with nanny expert Maggie Broadrick from Kiddie Up Nannies.

Each session will be customized to meet your individual needs. In the beginning, Maggie will ask a set of questions to better understand where you are in the process and what you’re looking for. It’s at this time we will talk about market norms and standards, in order for your expectations and priorities to be defined and organized.

The last part of the session will give you the opportunity to ask questions or discuss what to expect throughout the process. Provided is a comprehensive handout of important things to keep in mind while going through the hiring process.

Popular consulting topics include:

  • Where to find nannies.
  • What to look for, how to screen and vet properly.
  • What to ask for in an interview.
  • Process of screening including drafting the job description, reference checks, further vetting, etc.
  • Nanny shares.
  • Background checks.
  • Other topics such as providing food for your nanny, paid time off, nanny cams, communication tips and more!
Additional resources such as background checks, customized contract, reference checks, interview representation, etc., may be purchased for an additional cost.


We offer consulting for nannies too! Common topics are:

  • Composing a resume and cover letter
  • Trainings
  • Interview tips
  • Reviewing contracts
  • Giving notice
  • Problems nannies have with their current employer
  • Current employment laws and practices

To learn more about being represented as a nanny by Kiddie Up Nannies, click here. 

I had a very good experience with Kiddie Up and would recommend it to families looking for a professional experience finding a nanny. Maggie was helpful in negotiating the contract and connecting us to a payroll company to run our payroll.  Reviewing a pool of pre-screened applicants hand-selected by Maggie took much less time and effort than it would have to post my own ad and screen dozens of candidates. Maggie was informative, responsive, and easy to work with. I recommend Kiddie Up and think it has been well worth the investment to find an excellent qualified nanny who provides high quality care for my son. – Leah, Denver