Nanny cams

Questions regarding nanny cams come up often! Not only do the questions come from our families, but nannies too. It can be a delicate subject but it doesn’t have to be. What’s most important for parents and nannies to understand is the reason behind why a nanny cam or surveillance camera, is installed in the home.

It’s common for homes to have surveillance cameras, especially in the areas we work in! Mostly, for security reasons. Video monitors are so accessible nowadays, parents are tossing out their old-school sound monitors for the more up-to-date ways to check on their little ones. These type of baby monitors can be viewed from computers, and even mobile devices. Super handy!

Sometimes, nannies can be uncomfortable with cameras. By employing a nanny, it’s your job to educate your nanny and make them feel comfortable in their work environment. Before having that conversation, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Why do you have a camera in the home?
  2. Are you planning on telling your nanny?
  3. Where is the camera installed?

If you feel the need to secretly use a nanny cam to investigate what your nanny is doing throughout the day- I can tell you right now, this nanny is not for you! You should be able to trust your nanny, which of course is earned. Nannies can earn your trust many ways but snooping is not a way to form a trusting relationship. Alternatively, if you use video monitors to stay connected throughout the day, or simply just miss seeing your children, that’s completely acceptable! Breastfeeding moms might even pump more when they can see their baby during their pumping break. Help your nanny understand by clearly communicating why you have cameras.

Although not required by Colorado state law, I would highly suggest you tell them. The worst thing would be if the nanny found them on their own! Understandably so, a nanny would feel as if they’re being watched, not trusted and certainly uncomfortable. I would never suggest keeping this hidden from a nanny.

Cameras can be installed anywhere! In and outside of the home, above a crib, in a playroom, from up high- anywhere! Make sure cameras are located in common and appropriate spaces. This goes without saying, but a camera can never be in a bathroom or a place where a nanny might need to change clothes. For example, baby spits up, nanny needs to change shirts in the guest bedroom, a camera cannot be there.

Share these points with your nanny so they can understand having cameras are beneficial for them too!

  • God forbid something were to happen to a child, the nanny can go back to the footage to prove there was no malice. It is a great way to protect a nanny’s liability.
  • Parents like to be able to see their littles! Nannies, it’s your job to support parents and make them feel comfortable. Soooo don’t sweat it!
  • You get to show off your nannying skills and show them just how great their kids are. We all know, children behave best for people who they don’t call Mom or Dad.

Hopefully after reading this, you feel more comfortable discussing nanny cams with your nanny. Again, the conversation does not have to be an awkward one!