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Kiddie Up Nanny Shares

Kiddie Up Nannies supports families in many different ways. One of those ways is facilitating nanny shares. Nanny shares are beneficial in many ways; however, it can also be an overwhelming, confusing process. Although we do not directly match families, Kiddie Up offers two resources for families to meet other families interested in a nanny share.

  1. Hiring-A-Nanny 101
    This is a great way for other families to connect and decide if they would be a good match to join a nanny share. Click here for more info.
  2. Nanny Share Facebook Group 
    We hope you’ll consider joining Kiddie Up’s Private Nanny Share Facebook Group. This platform is a resource dedicated to families looking for other families to share a nanny with.  Click here to join.

Once families have come together, Kiddie Up Nannies is happy to assist! The process is similar, but we include a customized agreement between the families of the share. Each family is responsible for paying separate membership fees, but all other fees can be split. Nanny shares are an affordable way to get a qualified, experienced nanny, and also a great way to offer social interaction.


Maggie at Kiddie Up Nannies was instrumental in our search for a nanny and nanny share. We learned of her services when we attended the Nanny 101 and Nanny Share Social. Maggie was organized, prepared, and very informative on what to expect when hiring a nanny and entering into a nanny share. There were many FAQ's that we hadn't thought of, and I don't think our nanny share would've been as successful without her help.  \We were able to meet another couple with an infant only a few months older than our daughter, and thanks to Maggie's advice and guidance we were able to determine if we would be a good fit for each other's families.  From there, we worked with Maggie to secure a wonderful nanny who takes care of our infants to date. I would strongly recommend Maggie's services, and/or nanny social for anyone who is looking for a nanny or nanny share. – Alyson, Denver