Help your nanny reach their potential

Not one person can say the past year has not impacted them negatively in some type of way. Even though there seems to be light at the end of the COVID-tunnel, we’re not through it yet! How are you supporting your nanny on and off the job. Here are ways we’ve seen families help their […]

Childcare after the crisis

What families & nannies need to know. Childcare is stressful enough, now the COVID-19 pandemic has made navigating childcare more difficult than ever. One of the biggest mistakes was the lack of information and preparation, consequently no one was prepared. Below are ways to get through this safely and with your sanity intact. Continuous communication.  […]

How to request a raise

Requesting a raise is a topic you want to handle delicately. It’s important to be assertive, realistic, organized, and professional.  A nanny review is imperative and a tool that can help when you are requesting a raise. A nanny review should cover: Childcare tasks. Attention to safety a daily focus? Are age-appropriate activities offered along with […]

Typical PTO, holiday pay, & sick leave

If you are employing a nanny, you know the market is a competitive one! Paid time off is a customary practice and something nannies look for. To ensure your position is appealing and meets market standards, here’s what Kiddie Up Nannies suggests in respect to paid time off. Guaranteed salary. More than anything else, a […]

Social media eliminating you from a nanny job

Can your social media accounts eliminate you from a nanny job? YES! Many families look at social media accounts. It’s not uncommon to see wonderful nannies get rejected or dismissed from the applicant pool based on their social media. We did more investigation to see just how common this was. Sourced from CareerBuilder, they say: […]