Family Services

Kiddie Up Nannies happily provide the following services:

Full-Time or Part-Time Placements

Our permanent nanny placement is usually a year contract with a highly qualified nanny. This service includes the nanny search, nanny processing, customized contract, parent resources, and our nanny guarantees. Read more >

Temporary Nanny Services

Do you need a night out, or perhaps your usual nanny is on vacation? Our temp services can help! We use the same experienced pool of nannies; be assured, skilled help will be at your door. We require at least 24 business hours notice to place a nanny, and ask families to utilize the nanny for at least 4 hours (to make it worth it for the nanny). 

Nanny Shares

Kiddie Up Nannies supports families in many different ways. One of those ways is facilitating nanny shares. Nanny shares are beneficial in many ways. Read more >

Event Nannies

Weddings, birthday parties, or maybe just a fun BBQ- Kiddie Up Nannies can place a talented nanny for any event. Our ratio is 1 nanny to every 5 children. As a unique service, Kiddie Up Nannies can make every event enjoyable! 

Overnight Nannies

We work with a wide variety of clients: pilots, doctors, parents in need of a night away or maybe just a full night’s sleep! Kiddie Up Nannies places overnight nannies for any situation. 

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Kiddie Up Nannies happily offers a la carte services, for families looking for a nanny on their own. A la carte services such as:

  • Contract Negotiations
  • Background Check
  • Reference Calls
  • Nanny Share Contract
  • Interview Representation
  • Interview Nanny  

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We use Kiddie Up Nannies for date nights and temp nanny needs; they always have someone great to send over, and they try very hard to send the same person each time. Our daughter gets so excited when her sitter arrives. They are definitely worth their fees, and then some! – Krista, Lakewood