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Need more help?

If so, schedule a session with nanny expert, Maggie Broadrick, owner & founder of Kiddie Up Nannies.

Our customized consulting session will give you the help you need!

We can discuss market norms & standards, what it takes to have a nanny, timeline, advice & troubleshooting with current issues or a simple opportunity for Q&A!

The last part of the session will give you the opportunity to ask questions or discuss what to expect throughout the process. Provided is a comprehensive handout of important things to keep in mind while going through the hiring process.

Popular consulting topics include:

Writing a job description.

Background checks.

What to look for & how to screen properly.

PTO, sick leave, & guaranteed hours

Interviewing applicants.

Contracts/Nanny Service Agreement.

Market norms & common practices.

Taxes & workman’s comp.

Nanny Shares.

Communication tips & more!

Additional services may be purchased for an additional cost.
– Nanny-specific background check.
Nanny Service Agreement

For nannies

We offer consulting for nannies too!

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Common topics are:
– Composing a resume and cover letter
– Trainings
– Interview tips
– Reviewing contracts
– Giving notice
– Problems nannies have with their current employer
– Current employment laws and practices

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Consulting Services

Hire-a-Nanny Toolkit

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