Hiring a Nanny Toolkit


If you are a parent then you need this! Buckaroo is the starting kit. It has all the essentials to get started.


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About the Toolkit

Nanny Blueprints

Get started with valuable information, going
rates, what it takes to have a nanny, and of course, everything in between!

Writing a Job Description

How to make your position stand out & attract the applicants you want.

Finding a Nanny

Learn more about where to find quality nannies.

Interview Questions

30 questions to ask during an interview. Trust us, we know what to ask!

Reference Checks

A nanny-specific background is included! Additional background checks may be purchased separately.


Providing you with a nanny contract template and tips to make it work correctly for you.

Nanny 411

Questions, comments or troubleshooting- we’re here for you!

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