Social media eliminating you from a nanny job

Can your social media accounts eliminate you from a nanny job? YES! Many families look at social media accounts. It’s not uncommon to see wonderful nannies get rejected or dismissed from the applicant pool based on their social media.

We did more investigation to see just how common this was. Sourced from CareerBuilder, they say:

  • More than half of employers have found content on social media that caused them NOT to hire a candidate.
  • Seven in ten employers (70 percent) use social networking sites to research job candidates during hiring process.
  • Nearly half of employers (48 percent) check up on current employees on social media.
  • A third of employers (34 percent) have reprimanded or fired an employee based on content found online.

These statistics are eye opening! Ways to ensure you don’t run into issues:

  1. Keep your profiles private!!  Permission must be granted before employers can see too much. However, your profile picture can still be seen, so use a picture you’re comfortable with potential employers seeing!
  2. Use the grandma rule.  Only post what you would be comfortable saying or showing to your grandma. Meaning, do not post anything inappropriate, controversial, emotional, or negative. Keep it positive and don’t use social media as a platform to lose your job!

In addition, please get permission from your employer BEFORE posting any pictures or videos of the family’s little one(s). If permission is not granted or a nanny posts without asking first, this could be grounds for immediate termination- meaning no notice, you’re done that day!

Social media is ever-changing; in order to utilize it in a positive way, please consider how you use it and how you can protect yourself and potential future positions!